Hypno-Psychedelics: A Practitioner Training

This workshop will blow your mind!


There’s a psychedelic renaissance happening and you can be a part of it. This class will teach you how to use hypnosis to create the extraordinary states of consciousness associated with the psychedelic experience.

The resurgence of research on the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics has brought a whole new generation into the field. The effects on mental, emotional and even physical health are being studied and the results are changing minds even in the most conservative of circles.

You can join the movement without the drugs! This allows you to ride the wave and to bring your skills immediately to people searching for the transformation that have reservations about psychedelics and the legalities involved.

If you are a practitioner who works with actual psychedelics you will learn skills to integrate and enhance your work. This will give you the ability to quickly recreate the psychedelic state to draw meaning and create cohesive narratives out of the experience.

This workshop will show you how to use hypnosis to explore the extraordinary undifferentiated mental states typically reserved for psychedelics. You will practice techniques designed to instigate endogenous psycho active compounds in the brain.

 Using a combination of trance, breath work and cellular memory you can revisit or create states of consciousness that mimic the mystical and interconnectedness common in the transformative aspects of the psychedelic experience.

You will learn how to use non linear language to shake up habituated neural networks and stuck perceptual patterns to create generative change. You will play with different ways of quieting the default mode network in the brain to give clients opportunities to overhaul their existing beliefs and limitations.

Integration of these states into the areas of life where people need it the most has been the biggest challenge in the field so a focus on how hypnosis can foster this will allow you to market your skill set to practitioners in this new emerging therapy.

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